McLaren Vale Bottlers is located on the same premises as Serafino Wines.

McLaren Vale Bottlers is set up to take care of all your packaging needs right from the start with a fully functional winery, which allows all wine preparation to be organised on site, if required.

MVB can take care of the procurement of all your dry good needs.

Our bottling equipment is in excellent condition. We are capable on running consistently at 4500L per hour or 36,000L in one 8 hour shift.

We are CODEX HACCP compliant with a very strong quality management system to best ensure a high quality result.

We can also cater to lay down packs, label and packs and decant and restacks.

We have a 4000 sqm warehouse that is able to take care of your storage of finished goods or dry goods.

MVB is now also a member of Wine Packagers of Australia Association.  The have now introduced a "SizeMeUp" tool.  The aim is for this to be a valuable wine industry tool.

SizeMeUp was developed with the input from members of the Wine Packagers of Australia Association as an aid and guide for wine bottling customers, design agencies and label printers. It is free for everyone to use, and is mobile and tablet friendly.

To use the tool or to find out more information click the link below.

SizeMeUp tool


If you need and further information please contacted Vince McMullan on
8323 0157 or 0400 002 558 email

If you wish to request a bottling, please complete a bottling request form and email to Vince McMullan.

Bottling request form